Why choose Entrac

Peace of mind

Our experienced project managers, who possess over 45 years of combined experience, are attentive to your organizational needs and realities and are there to make your life easier and provide sound advice.

Experience and know-how

We have 20 years of experience intervening in workplace ergonomics: over 63,000 workers have been trained and over 13,000 workstations are now “ergonomic.”

Sound expertise

Our expertise is based on an objective approach, the latest advances and the best practices in ergonomics. In short, everything you need to attain your objectives.

Versatility and ready access to our certified professionals

Our permanent and solid team of 12 enthusiastic specialists, including 7 ergonomists and 2 certified human resource professionals (CHRP), are supported by an efficient administrative team. We provide our expertise in the Quebec City and Montreal areas, as well as province-wide and even further afield.

Our guarantee of satisfaction

We do nothing less than guarantee your full satisfaction!