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Ergonomic Risk Assessment

Proactive vs Reactive

Do you have problems that need solving, projects to carry out or actions to be undertaken?

Clients who put their trust in us call on our expertise in ergonomic risk assessment for a wide variety of needs and objectives.

What can we do for you ?

  • Ergonomic risk analysis and control.
  • Ergonomics diagnosis to guide and prioritize your actions.
  • Ergonomic adaptation of workstations.
  • Job safety analysis.
  • Development of work procedures.
  • Development of a proactive strategy for preventing musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Employee training on ergonomic risk factors.
  • Physical demand analysis – PDA
  • Development of your autonomy in ergonomic risk assessment.

Our services

Ergonomic risk assessment – training

Practical training enabling participants to objectively assess the ergonomic risks of a workstation in order to control them using solutions based on specific ergonomic benchmarks.

Ergonomic risk assessment

Objective assessment of the ergonomic risks in the workplace, which will eliminate risks thanks to practical recommendations adapted to your operational realities.

Ergonomics diagnosis

A means of pinpointing and objectively prioritizing operations involving ergonomic risk factors.

Physical demands analysis – PDA

Objective assessment of the physical demands of a task with the possibility of producing a report on the physical demands and functional limitations as well as recommendations for adapting the job to match the functional limitations.