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Ergonomics training

Training in office ergonomics – load handling – ergonomic risk analysis. Entrac is establishing itself as a leader in ergonomics training in Quebec with more than 166,000 trained workers.

Entrac offers training in Montreal, Laval, the South Shore, Quebec City, throughout the province and across Canada.

e-learningErgonomic risk assessment

Ergonomic risks: analysis and risk management

Practical training that allows participants to objectively analyze ergonomic risks at a workstation, in order to control them using solutions based on specific ergonomic benchmarks.

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Manual materials handling

Physical efforts, load handling and injury prevention

Practical training program that includes guidelines and the principles of manual handling as well as preventative know-how during physical work. Structured around the best strategies in the transfer of learning.

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e-learningOffice ergonomics

Office Ergonomics from everywhere : at work, when teleworking, in hybrid mode

Practical training on ergonomic principles, postural hygiene and ergonomic adjustments to the computer station in the office, in teleworking and in hybrid mode.

A must for your employees!

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Manual materials handling

Load handling coaches

Resource person (coach) training program for load handling.

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Office ergonomics

Office ergonomics coaches

Resource person (coach) training program for office ergonomics

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